"I think you know immediately. As soon as your eyes… Then everything that happens from then on just proves that you have been right in that first moment. When you suddenly realize that you were incomplete and now you are whole."

You didn’t even care and that fucking hurts.
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Ah well. You're beautiful, and I would like to continue to talk, but I don't want to drag this anon thing out too long. So I will bid you adieu. And maybe someday we'll make plans for trading ten bucks and beignets.

Alright, don’t wait too long because I googled beignets and they look amazing.

I'll keep that in mind :P idk, I am anon, so I feel like the likelihood of take backs is high. I'm just checking.

Well that is problematic.

Sweet! No take backs, you already promised.

Now why would I take back. I’m being promised food! Like, I never turn down food.

I fucking hate Charming from Once Upon A Time. I just really do. I hate him so much. I cannot articulate that enough, I really despise this fucking character.

Uh oh, I can feel the pressure already. It's okay, I got this; the poor house bistro. Beignets all day long. As many as you can handle.

I have no idea what that is but sounds fantastic!


have u ever been in that situation when u have to give advice to the person you love about the person they love